Australians are moving to Brisbane, gold coast and sunshine coast

April 10, 2021

Things to Remember About Moving in fall.



Queensland as favourite state to move in.


Australians are moving to Brisbane, gold coast and sunshine coast. Nearly 21,000 move interstates, and more than half of them move between October and December (busiest season) from New South Wales (NSW -13,605, VIC -6,201). As there is more demand for moving companies and truck rentals, moving costs are usually

higher. Although not everything is pink color, the fall season starts around Feb – march, it means less demand for companies and trucks rentals, costs lower for move.

Movers have more flexible schedules.

As fall is the off-season for most moving companies, you will have more flexibility to choose a date that works for you, rather than being forced to move when they can fit you in. There are usually more weekend moving dates available from May to September.

Keep in mind that most people from Brisbane move toward the end of the month, so it’s best to try to avoid this time period.


It gets dark earlier

When planning your move, keep in mind that the days get shorter and there’s not as much sunlight as the calendar approaches the winter season. We change the clocks back an hour for daylight saving time on the first weekend in May and it starts getting dark as early as 5 p.m.


Pack and unload for the season

While you’re packing and unloading your clothes and sporting gear, organize seasonal items so that you have immediate access to what you will need right away.

Pack and label your boxes so that you can find cold-weather items you may need shortly after you settle into your new place, like rain gear and warm clothing.


Activate the heat and lights at your new home

A few days before your move, call the utility companies to set up your heat and electricity at your new home. When you finish moving in, you’ll want to be cozy and warm. You’ll also need plenty of light to unpack your things.


Also even with a good removal team is hard to unload furniture in a house without lights around, you won´t want scratches in doors and walls in your new home.





Cover your carpet or hardwood floors


During the fall, you’re likely to track in wet leaves, dirt and mud. When moving out, you want to get back your security deposit, so be sure to keep your floors clean and protect them from getting damaged.

Cover them with a plastic tarp or cardboard. Use floor mats to pad heavier furniture. When you arrive at your new home, be sure the movers wait for you to lay down plastic before unloading your items.

Plan ahead and enjoy your move

Moving is always stressful. If you have the flexibility to choose which season to move, choose the fall. You’ll probably save money and enjoy nice weather on the big day.